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June 6, 2019

Adam Hadwin

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. No bogeys, 65. How good does that feel?
ADAM HADWIN: Feels amazing. I've playing some pretty decent golf. Just haven't been scoring a little bit lately, and it was nice to hit a lot of greens, lot of easy pars, made putts, and adds up to 65 today.

Q. What about the golf course and the way it's playing this morning?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I think it was playing a little bit soft. Obviously we had a lot of rain yesterday, so you could be aggressive. A lot of wedges, a lot of short irons. I took advantage early certainly. Greens were firming up a little bit there towards the end of our round, but there are still good numbers out there for sure.

Q. How much experience have you got on this course? I know you played here in '12 the last time this championship was here. Much more apart from that?
ADAM HADWIN: I've got none. Yeah, 2012 was the last time I saw it. I think I only saw two rounds as well. I walked nine on Monday and played nine in the Pro-Am on Wednesday, so...

Q. Talk about the experience of the support you've received out there today.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it was amazing. It's always great to coming back to Canada and play. The support is there whether you play well or not, and seems to be a little bit more there playing well.

It's good feeling, something I hope to continue on for the next three days.

Q. Talk about that round and tell us how it felt.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I mean, it was a great start to the week. Really solid golf. Only missed a couple greens. Got up and down when I needed to. Hit a lot quality shots. Made some putts.

I'm coming away feeling pretty confident that I may have left a couple out there.

Q. I was going to say, is that about the worst you could have shot today?
ADAM HADWIN: I wouldn't say it was the worst score. I mean, I drove it so well. I was in position off basically every tee box. Really no scrambling. With the two greens that I missed I had pretty basic up and downs as well.

I certainly wouldn't say it's the worst score, but I feel pretty confident that -- it was a pretty easy 65 today, I'll say that.

Q. How does this course stack up compared to Glen Abbey the past few years?
ADAM HADWIN: I think it's a great golf course. I think it's a better golf course. Scores certainly aren't any higher than they've been in Glen Abbey in recent past, but that's -- all that overnight rain certainly softened up the entire golf course and made it much more gettable.

You're not running through fairways in some of the doglegs as much and you can -- we were flying at the pins early on in the round. Sun comes out it will kind of dry everything out the rest of the week. I think by Sunday you're going to see a real championship golf course.

Q. Before the mics went hot we were talking about the flyovers. What was that like?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it was a little different. Only happens rarely. Can only think of a couple events I've seen that. It's pretty cool. It's obviously an emotional day for a lot of people. To kind of see the planes that were used and then a couple newer age ones, it was pretty cool to stand on the fairway and see that.

Q. Good crowded today on a Thursday. Were you feeling the, quote/unquote love from the Canadian fans?
ADAM HADWIN: Oh, of course. We feel the love whether we're up here in Canada, down in Florida, Palm Springs. I mean, I felt the love over at the British Open over last couple years.

Canadian fans travel so well and we're here at a home game, so, yeah, got a lot of support. It's nice to play well in front of them.

Q. Big week for you. Was there a little more nerves? Are you a little more comfortable off the tee?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah. I mean, I certainly think there might have been a little bit more nerves. I didn't sleep as well as I may have liked to last night. Just kind of thinking thing about the week, thinking about things; picturing walking up 18 with a lead on Sunday.

Maybe a little too early to think about that, but it happened, and, yeah, probably just thinking about the week. But off to a good start. Been playing really good golf. Just a matter of staying patient and keep hitting greens and make a few putts.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ADAM HADWIN: No. No, not too bad. I've played enough rounds. It's my tenth Canadian Open. I've been around the block here a number of times. Been in contention at Shaughnessy; played well at Glen Abbey one year, so I'm used to it. I know what I'm doing. Just a matter of playing good golf.

Q. If I recall, you enjoy the classic courses.

Q. Wondering if you can tell me what you like about them in general and about Hamilton specifically.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I think they frame up well for me off the tee. Usually you've got really nice aiming points off the teem trees through the fairway or a lot of holes you can see the shape of the hole and you know exactly kind of where to it hit it. I just grew up playing on golf courses like this back in, B.C.

It's just something that I'm comfortable with.

Q. See any similarities between the courses?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, for sure. Once this place starts firming up a little bit. You kind of have to work it around with the doglegs, otherwise you'll run through the fairway. You have to be precise on some of those holes.

Once the greens kind of firm up a little bit as well, some the pin locations will be a little bit harder to get at. Right now it's kind of like throwing darts with all the wedges we have.

But I think the golf course is only going to get tougher and tougher as the week goes on.

Q. Work on anything this afternoon or feeling in a good place?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I work on trying to go to bed and not thinking too much. Yeah, I'm in a great place. I played really well today. Felt great going into the week. Just a matter the managing my time, managing rest, and, yeah, just going out and have some fun.

Q. The little cut you hit on 8, that was a shot you said you were working at the PGA Championship.

Q. Pulled it off great there. Obviously you've got it dialed in right now with the irons.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I felt really good. Tried to hit a little cut earlier in the round and didn't quite work out the same, so I didn't hit a lot of cuts today.

I've been striking it so well that when I do that my ball flight is pretty straight. Kind of just went with that and went with a little draw when the wind was right to left.

Yeah, it was nice to kind of pull a cut off to that right pin.

Q. What club was that?
ADAM HADWIN: 5-iron.

Q. Before you started speaking with us we took a little pause so Mack could tee off in peace. How strong is the sense of camaraderie among the 26 Canadians on the course today?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it's big. Five, six, seven of us play week in and week out with each other and we're friends and all cheering each other on. I saw Nick playing well up there on the leaderboard.

We all obviously want to be the first one to win this, but we all want each other to do well. Any Canadian winner is good.

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