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June 6, 2019

Pascal Siakam

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. Seems like you've been very important for the Raptors in this series and the first game you had a great game and maybe they were a little surprised, but they're no longer surprised about you anymore. What do you think about the continuation of the series?
PASCAL SIAKAM: I think it's going to get tougher, it's going to get even tougher and you have to be right in the mind and be ready for the challenge and obviously you just got to work, continue to work on things and to continue to improve and get better in the series.

Q. When you had the 32 points I think afterwards they said that they hadn't quite been ready for that, but now they are ready for you always.
PASCAL SIAKAM: I mean, yeah, I guess, but I think that I'm not really, I'm not looking at them I'm looking at myself and just finding ways to get better. Obviously I've never been at this level but I'm learning every day and just going through the playoffs and all the ups and downs and it's making me a better player.

Q. What has improved most this season?
PASCAL SIAKAM: Just kind of like understanding the big stage and not being down on myself a lot or just understanding that there's going to be good games, there's going to be bad games but just continue to have the same energy and control the things that I can control.

Q. Early in the series Steve Kerr said that your game reminds him of Draymond Green and the way that you guys are able to create offense from the forward position. Now having played Draymond for a few games what do you think about those comparisons?
PASCAL SIAKAM: Like I always answer that question, I'm trying to be myself and I'm just trying to be a better version of myself and just continue to work hard to be the best that I can be and I think that's all I can do.

Q. People have made those comparisons and mentioned that your ability to kind of create with the ball in your hands despite being a power forward, even when you were being drafted and that process. What did you think about the draft process?
PASCAL SIAKAM: I think that it was definitely, it was a little different, I think I've always thought that I had the ability to be at this level, maybe like not a lot of draft boards or whatever had that, but I always felt like I had the capacity to be here and I've always believed and worked to give it my all. It's definitely -- obviously I'm blessed to be at this level now, so I'm just blessed to be here and continue to work hard and be the best I can be.

Q. Are you the best player in the NBA from Cameroon right now?
PASCAL SIAKAM: Come on, man. No, man.

Q. Say it.
PASCAL SIAKAM: Why? I don't have to say it, I'll let you guys say it.

Q. Can you talk about what Basketball Without Borders, what that program means to you and then some of the other guys who you think, give us some insight into some of these other guys coming up behind you and their talent level, if you can name a few.
PASCAL SIAKAM: I don't know if I can do that, name, I don't really know, but I think it's great for me to be here and even Joel [Embiid] and all those guys, and be at this level, just to be able to put Africa on the map and Cameroon, it's a blessing and just want to continue to do that and make sure that we do our best for the continent and the country and knowing that we definitely have the talent level to be at this stage and we just got to continue to work on developing those skills and making sure that we do everything possible.

Q. Most complete offensive performance for you guys this series, one of the best in the playoffs. Now looking back later what was most impressive in terms of your offense?
PASCAL SIAKAM: I think that obviously we made more shots, but then just I think like the force that we had offensively, just continuing to learn that stuff, and cutting harder and keeping the pace that we wanted into the game, not slowing down, that was the biggest difference. For me I think offensively playing with more force and taking open shots and they kind of went in.

Q. When Fred hit that moon ball does that make him more your favorite player?
PASCAL SIAKAM: Yeah, definitely he was my favorite player right there. I looked at it and it was high and, yeah, when it dropped it was definitely crazy. That was a good shot.

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