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June 6, 2019

Marc Gasol

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. What an incredible team performance. I think the team ethos was probably the most impressive thing about last night's performance. Just from your standpoint do you feel it and being involved in it?
MARC GASOL: Yeah, you could feel that the team was playing well, that we were in rhythm, we were helping one another, communicating, sharing the basketball, all the good things that happen in a team sport.

Q. Going into it as well did you understand that you wanted to beat them as a unit, rather than when you have someone like Steph going off for 47, did you understand that as a team it would take a collective effort?
MARC GASOL: You want to win and you want to do whatever puts you closer to that ending. So we understand our strength is the team and we have so much talent on the team and guys that can do multiple things but we got to do it as a unit.

Q. So often when something goes wrong for a player off the court there are repercussions and there's consequences. When a part-owner shoves a player in game, what's your reaction to that?
MARC GASOL: It's very unfortunate that somebody feels that he needs to do that or that something inside like pushes him to act a certain way. At the same time I look at the other, I don't know how many people fit here, how they behave at the same time. Obviously it's a really bad example, but we can look at many other people how they're behaving and how nice they have been. So obviously it's unfortunate, I'm sure it's going to be handled, but I also would rather look at the bright side and see how many other people are supportive and cheering and cheering for the team and booing us when they have to, but obviously it's not acceptable.

Q. From a basketball standpoint how important is it going to be for you to be aggressive on Cousins, just to go right at him?
MARC GASOL: I think more than being the guy that's guarding me early on in the game it's me being aggressive, period. So there's no conscious effort going at him, it's more me being aggressive myself. So that's my mindset.

Q. Did you get away from that at all in Game 2 or did you make a more concerted effort in Game 3 to be aggressive personally?
MARC GASOL: I would create more space on some of the actions, we did a little more movement on Game 3. I felt collectively we had a conscious effort of it, yeah.

Q. Getting back to the incident with Kyle. Do you have an opinion on what the punishment should be?
MARC GASOL: No, no, I think that there's enough thinking heads right now analyzing and seeing what's the best for that. But just always keep in mind the example that has been set for the younger generation, that it's not ideal to interact with a player that had just dove for a ball out of bounds. I'm sure that it's going to be handled.

Q. Do you like the way that the NBA has handled other recent incidents or other teams have. Like with Russell Westbrook in Salt Lake City a few months ago?
MARC GASOL: Yeah, I think the NBA has done a great job of -- that's why I'm allowing and not being -- I'm not even commenting on what should be the punishment, because I feel that they always have done what's best for the League and for the players. Obviously it's what's best for the League is best for the players and the other way around.

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