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June 6, 2019

Jason Holder

West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

Australia - 288, West Indies - 272/9

Q. Jason, at one point it was looking that the West Indies would go on and cause Australia a lot of problems. To not beat them from such a strong position, does it feel like you've really missed an opportunity there?
JASON HOLDER: Yeah, we definitely missed an opportunity. I just think that's sport. We've just got to learn from it. Yeah, it's a bit disappointing to be losing a game like that when we're in full control of the game, but these things happen.

Q. What does it mean to have a base attack like you have right now, to be able to call upon them, and how far do you think they have to go to sort of match the base attacks of before, and there's been a lot of nostalgia that they've raised?
JASON HOLDER: Yeah, I think the bowlers are bowling really well at the moment. The good thing for us is that we've been getting some early wickets and we've been able to get wickets in the middle as well. I just think we just need to be aggressive, continue to be aggressive, smart aggression, and just continue to look to take wickets.

Q. Andre looked to be in some discomfort with his knee again towards the end of the innings, and you also sort of were cramping up. Any health issues?
JASON HOLDER: Yeah, we've got one or two niggles in the camp. Obviously Andre has been struggling with his knees for a long time now. It's just something we just try to manage. We just try to manage him as best we possibly can and keep him in the park. I'm fine.

Q. Four DRS referrals, a lot of confusion. Is the system working? Did you have any concerns with the standard of umpiring or how that played out? It was bizarre.
JASON HOLDER: I think I'll just say I just found ourselves a bit unlucky to be on the other end of all the decisions. I guess honest mistakes from the umpires, I don't want to get into the officiating part, but it's just ironic. I don't even know what to say about it, but it is a funny situation where all of them went against us, and then we had to review them, but I guess that's part of the game again.

Q. From 4 for 38 or whatever Australia were there early on, do you kind of feel like you let the game slip there?
JASON HOLDER: No, not really. Partnership is just a part of cricket. I thought Steve batted really well, and the guys came in and batted around him. Alex Carey played a really good knock, as well. Also, Nathan Coulter-Nile, he came on, he was very, very positive. Things were even very early on and we put him down, I think 60-odd, which in the end proved a little bit costly for us.

But having said that, I think, yeah, would I really like to continue to take wickets? But it didn't happen for us today, but I think there are lots of positives for us today. I think we showed a lot of aggression up front to basically rattle their top order. But you know, again, partnerships do build in cricket, and it's well played to Australia.

Q. Just on Mitchell Starc, I think he might have ended up 3 for 1 off his last couple overs there. How hard is he to face when he's got the ball and he's bowling?
JASON HOLDER: I think he bowled well. You know what you get with Starc. He comes back and he goes quite full. Credit must be given to him. He came back and really bowled a really good spell. I guess it was just his day today.

Q. I believe the ball before Chris Gayle was out, as well, it was actually shown to be a no ball. If that had been called, also, that would have been a free hit. Is that frustrating to learn, as well, mate?
JASON HOLDER: I saw it on the screen in the dressing room, and I just laughed, man. I couldn't believe it. But again, I guess things didn't go our way today.

Q. Are you just a little concerned about the game awareness of some of the batsmen in the middle order? As you said, it is a missed opportunity, but at the times at which they got out, how do you rectify that?
JASON HOLDER: I think learning just need to take place. Guys just need to learn from the mistake that they make. Take a little bit more responsibility, and chasing especially, you just need to take responsibility, and it's important that one of the top four batters be there at the very, very end. I think one of the things we can take from the Australians' performance was that Steve batted quite deep and that's something we need from our top order. I think Shai Hope has been outstanding in that regard, but it didn't go his way today. I think credit must be given to Australia. I thought they came back and bowled really well with the old ball and credit problems for us. We had to decide what we wanted to do in terms of playing it, or taking it on or just knocking it around. But credit must be given.

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