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June 4, 2019

David Perron Alexander Steen Tyler Bozak

St. Louis, Missouri- Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Alex, Oskar coming back, what does he bring for you in the last three games?
ALEXANDER STEEN: Yeah, big boost. Oskar, like I've said many times before, I think him and Barbie are underrated as far as smartness or intelligence, goals on the ice. He's got such good timing. He works extremely hard.

It was nice for our line to get back together. I think we have good chemistry, do a good job of communicating. Yeah, that's it.

Q. David, four games into the series, there's a lot of battling going on. Is this becoming a rivalry, in your opinion?
DAVID PERRON: I mean, it's a rivalry, for sure. I think we did a good job last game to stay out of that stuff. I think going forward, we'll look to do more of that.

We saw each team after a loss was able to turn the page and have a good performance. Now it's up to us to find a way to carry the momentum into the next game and play a very similar way.

Q. The longer that the series goes, is it more to your style, your advantage, wearing teams down? Do you feel confident in that, the longer the series goes, the more it plays to your strengths?
ALEXANDER STEEN: I think so far, each and every series, we've gotten better as the series was going on. We're certainly looking to do the same thing. We have to have our foot on the gas from now on, like Bozie said. It's a best-of-three. Again, I think in two days it's another opportunity to be doing that. We're going to be looking to be the team that gets the next win.

Q. Tyler and David, with the improvements you made on the discipline front, do you feel you've turned the page as a team?
TYLER BOZAK: I think we have to continue to manage. Obviously emotions run high in games especially right now. Obviously, that's something we have to work on, get better at, keep improving on.

We feel our biggest strength is playing five-on-five. That's where we want to play the game as much as we can. Obviously we got to stay out of the stuff after whistles. Got to play between the whistles, be really disciplined.

Obviously there's going to be penalties throughout a game, it's inevitable. The ones we take have to be worthwhile and situations where it's not too bad to take one.

DAVID PERRON: I think when it's five-on-five, it helps everyone, helps keep guys in the game, really guys that need their five-on-five to get the game going. We got to stay out of the stuff, for sure.

Q. It's over a hundred games into the season now. Probably everybody has something physically wrong with them. Is it tougher to stay out of the lineup when you're banged up? Is the threshold higher because it's the Stanley Cup Final?
DAVID PERRON: Foot on the gas, empty the tank, see where it goes. There's three games left max to our season, nine days. I don't think there's many guys that want to be out of the lineup right now.

ALEXANDER STEEN: Same answer. I think there is. I think the opportunity that's ahead of us, the enjoyment, the excitement of playing in these games, I think it definitely takes a lot to miss them.

TYLER BOZAK: They covered it.

Q. Alex, the PK, much improved last night. Any keys to that? Was it just kind of doing what you guys maybe do best?
ALEXANDER STEEN: Yeah, I think we didn't play it exactly as we wanted to in the prior game. I thought we got back to our structure a little bit more. I thought we were more composed as far as when to be aggressive and when not to be.

Obviously Binner made some big stops for us. That was huge.

Q. You talk about getting better as the series has gone on. With the forecheck, it's so effective, is there still room for improvement? Can you get better at that?
ALEXANDER STEEN: I think you can improve at everything. You're never going to be perfect. There's always going to be room for improvement in every facet of the game.

Obviously after last game, we're happy with the way it went, but there's still stuff we need to improve on. We'll look at video on that, discuss that, just keep trying to get better every day.

Obviously it's a great opportunity we have right now. We're excited for it, but we got to keep improving, keep getting better.

Q. David, you had Sanford back with you, O'Reilly last night. He had success with you guys before. Was there instant chemistry last night? Since he hadn't played in a while, did you have to help him along?
DAVID PERRON: Not a lot. Like last night, he got an assist off a tip, created a lot of chances like that. He's a big body that really gets on the forecheck.

I think he allows myself and Ryan to play our game a little bit more down low, really puts the onus on us to hang onto the puck, be strong with it.

I thought he was extremely good last night. Same with Ryan, obviously.


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