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June 4, 2019

Danny Green

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. If Klay is going to be limited defensively with lateral movement or whatever, how does that affect things on the offensive end for you guys?
DANNY GREEN: I don't think it changes much. We still have to play our game regardless. Obviously you want to make those guys defend, which would help, I guess, on their offensive end; slow them down a little bit. But either way, we just have to attack the way we have been attacking and hopefully keep our pace.

Q. How does coming on the road change this team's approach?
DANNY GREEN: It's no different than what it has been all year. If you want to be a championship team, you have to win on the road. Obviously, the series is tied 1-1 right now, and in order to get home court back we have to win one here. It would be nice to start with Game 3.

Q. There are so many guys in this series now somewhere between hurt and injured. How much does the calculus change in the playoffs on what you can play through versus the regular season?
DANNY GREEN: I guess it depends on how bad the injury is. A lot of bumps and bruises you're going to play through, unless it's something serious. It sucks that they have so many guys out and injured. Obviously, we want to play against a hundred percent healthy team. But it's the name of the game.

Obviously, the team that usually makes it or wins it is the best team playing the best basketball, but also the healthiest team. And they have been that team for the last four, five years now. It seems as if it might be catching up with them. But hopefully all those guys are playing. It would be nice to compete against them because that's what we love to do. We love to take on the challenge of playing against their best guys.

Q. Draymond was saying it's not just physically or mentally but also emotionally at the end of a run you're just done.
DANNY GREEN: I can imagine going to five Finals back-to-back. I've been in two. And it's a short summer. It's a quick turnaround. So just as much as it is draining physically, mentally and emotionally it's even tougher. Usually the team that comes out on top is the team that's more locked in and that's not as emotionally or mentally drained. The team that is the freshest is usually going to come out on top. But it's tough. It's been a long season. We just have finish it off strong. We got about two weeks left, hopefully a week and a half. The team that actually can focus and lock in for that last stretch is usually the team that's going to come out on top.

Q. Your arena is very loud. What are you expecting from this arena?
DANNY GREEN: We expect them to be loud as well. Obviously, they want to win another championship. It's a great atmosphere here. But we have to do a good job of trying to keen the crowd out of it, not let them get on runs. Continue to play good defense. Not turn it over and not have any lulls in any parts of the game, especially the third quarter.

Q. Your coach just made reference to when you guys went to the box-and-one that he consulted with some of the players. Does he do that a lot, consult with you guys on strategies to play against other teams?
DANNY GREEN: Not when it comes to that type of strategy, no. You mean the box-and-one? We haven't spoken about it. We hadn't spoken about it.

Q. He said he talked to you guys on the sidelines about it before he implemented it just in the last game.
DANNY GREEN: Yeah, but previous to the last game, we hadn't spoken about it. Obviously before we did it we had to talk about it, but previous to that game it wasn't something that was like, oh, should we try this, should we throw that in.

Q. So not specific to the box-and-one, are there other strategies that he consults you guys with during the game or throughout the season?
DANNY GREEN: Some. Some have worked and some haven't. He's obviously a new coach, first year, but he has a lot of good strategies that work. He also wants to hear what we feel comfortable implementing on that end of the floor, who is comfortable guarding what and strengths and weaknesses, especially on the defensive end of the floor. So we all try to communicate and get on the same page.

Our defense has been pretty solid for most of the year. It's not been the problem for us. For us, it's offense. The reason why our defense, I guess, has had some lulls is because the offense has been bad in terms of turning the ball over or getting bad shots, which doesn't allow the defense to get set.

Q. How well do you think you guys have done in making Steph work offensively and do we look at that stuff too much?
DANNY GREEN: I think we have done a decent job. We could obviously do better. I think the biggest key is to continue to chase him and try to keep him off the free throw line. He's got a ton of free throws that we shouldn't allow him to get. Play him without fouling him. But on our end of the floor offensively, we could probably do a better job. So we'll look at that and see what ways we can implement.

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