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June 4, 2019

Naib Gulbadin

Cardiff, Wales, UK

Sri Lanka - 201 Afghanistan 152 (41 overs)

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English first.

Q. Is that a match you thought you were on course to win?
NAIB GULBADIN: Yeah, obviously, but not that much because we start not well, especially on the bowling side. So first ten overs we didn't bowl in the right areas, so we missing something there. But in the middle we get it right and get them for 200 something, but still they score a lot on this kind of surface. It's too much. But it's good, especially Rashid and Hamid, how they bowled, but we missed something in the start.

Q. We talked a lot about your batting so far in the tournament. The first five overs, talk us through that, how it went wrong.
NAIB GULBADIN: For our side? Yeah, especially if you face these kind of teams, experience team, so they played a lot of cricket, especially in England, New Zealand, so they face these kind of wickets a lot. So we miss something at the start. Also I kept saying one thing to my guys: just play straight and keep calm on the wicket. Take your time. But maybe they struggle a lot in this kind of surface.

Q. With the bowling, what was the wicket like for your bowlers? What was the problem?
NAIB GULBADIN: Yeah, wicket is suitable for the seamers, but we not bowl in the right areas, especially in the start of the innings. So how they, the batters of Sri Lanka, they played, so I think the bowlers didn't take responsibility at the start of the day, so maybe we missed something.

Q. On the pitch conditions:
NAIB GULBADIN: Yeah, like if you compare this wicket to the Bristol, so it's difficult wicket. It's totally different wicket today. It's cloudy day and also in the middle two hours rain, so the condition suitable for the seamers, but especially in the start the seamers didn't bowl well for us, I think.

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