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June 4, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. How do you think you recovered from that game the other night? How do you recover from that?

Q. So you could play 28 again if you were asked to?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Whatever it takes.

Q. To be in that situation and be called on to do that many minutes, did that even come as that much of a surprise to you, and did your performance even become any kind of a surprise at all?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: A surprise, no. You know me since I came into the League, no, not at all, it's not a surprise to me. But I'm just grateful to be able to play, so I'm going to leave it all on the floor every chance I get.

Q. How difficult was this rehab? Obviously the injury wasn't as serious as the Achilles, but to happen in the playoffs, something you've been looking forward to a long time, how did you sort of fight through any frustration or discouragement?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: I would be lying if I say I didn't have my dog days, but I went through them, I pouted, I sulked, I felt sorry for myself and I just started the process. Me just sitting around feeling sorry isn't going to help me get on the floor.

So once I talked with Rick [Celebrini] and the staff and some of the doctors, they told me that it's a chance that I could, it's a small window where I could come back and play. It would be up to me and it would be a hard, intense rehab, so I went through with that and blessed enough to be in this position.

Q. When you have a game like you did the other night, does it confirm that it was all worth it and it was like the best possible scenario that came out of it, out of a difficult situation?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Definitely the best scenario in a difficult situation, but obviously I wish it could have been avoided. But these are the cards I was dealt, and I'm going to maneuver through the [expletive].

Q. Do you feel like there's more you can do still? You're not at your All-Star level yet because you're coming back from two difficult injuries. But do you see more coming up in these two upcoming games?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Oh, I'm far from a finished product. That's the encouraging part about all of this. I know I got a lot of work to do. I know I got a lot of room for improvement. So obviously it's a process, and I just got to go through it.

Q. Steph called the box-and-one defense the Raptors used in Game 2 "janky." How would you describe it?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Janky for sure.

Q. Had you ever seen anything like that before?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Yeah, middle school, AAU, some high school days. It's been awhile since I seen it in this setting. But for sure, janky.

Q. You said there was dog days that you went through. Who sort of helped you through that? Your teammates? Your mom? Who sort of helped?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Family, that's who I lean on the most. That's my circle. So that's what gets me through everything.

Q. Have you been able to enjoy all this, considering Sacramento was so long ago and the goal at that point was just playoffs, and here you are in the NBA Finals?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: No, I haven't enjoyed it yet. I'm not really trying to. I'm taking everything a day at a time, and good or bad I try to put those days behind me and just move forward. Once everything is over and I can kind of sit back and chill, I'll reminisce on it.

Q. How do you describe this experience that you're going through right now?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: I'm not getting too high or too low, I'm just -- I'm maneuvering through the [expletive]. And once everything comes to a close, then I'll sit back and kind of reflect. But as of right now, I'm taking it a day at a time.

Q. Do you feel like you and Drew [Andrew Bogut] make up a pretty good tag team in the middle there?
DEMARCUS COUSINS: Oh, for sure. He's an incredible player. He's done it at the highest level before. His experience and just the way he goes about the game, I mean you got to appreciate guys like that.

So he's helped me. Me being a veteran in this game, I'm still being helped by a guy that's older. He's incredible. His mind, when it comes to the defensive side of the ball, is incredible. So that's something that I look up to him about. So he's helped me so many ways.

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