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May 6, 2019

Alex Bowman

Dover, Delaware

Q. What a great example of execution. Started at the back, nearly joined Martin Truex scoring their first win here at Dover. 400 laps, you looked like you could go an extra hundred like in the old days.
ALEX BOWMAN: I wanted out. This is the physically hardest race of the year for me for sure. We were in Martin's way. I wish I was in his way at the end of the race. We at least had a shot at it. That's really all you can ask for.
Congrats to them. Our Nationwide BlueVine Small Business Chevy was really good. Cool deal they got going, a small business owner can enter to win $100,000. That's a pretty neat promotion for them.
So proud of Greg Ives, everybody on this 88 team. We had a miserable start to the season. We did a really good job resetting over the off week. We've come out strong since then.

Q. Back‑to‑back not only top‑five finishes, back‑to‑back second‑place finishes. What does that do for the confidence department, not only for you but the entire team?
ALEX BOWMAN: It would be better if we had a trophy, right? We needed this, for sure. Talladega is a speedway, it's a lot of luck involved. To come here to, in my opinion, the hardest racetrack we go to, run like that from the back of all things, was pretty special.
Just proud of everybody at Hendrick Motor Sports for all the improvement we've made over the last year or so. We're going to keep it going.

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