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May 6, 2019

Martin Truex, Jr.

Dover, Delaware

Q. Martin, that transition for you and Cole Pearn to come over to Joe Gibbs Racing is a big one. Earlier in the season we didn't quite see the kind of speed we've seen out of you guys. Recently we have. What has started to click for you at Richmond and now here at Dover?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Yeah, I think just putting all the details together. We've had speed all year. Finished second at Atlanta. Felt like we had the best car. Had some issues on pit road. Phoenix we run second again. Seems like we were having little hiccups here and there.
Now we're starting to not only make our cars a little bit faster, show up better on Fridays, we're a step ahead on the weekend. The pit crew is really doing a great job. That's been the difference.
We had a lot of trouble in the pits earlier in the year, didn't get to show our speed. The guys are coming together, gelling, doing a fine job. We were able to take advantage of fast racecars today.

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