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April 19, 2019

Hye Jin Choi

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Assess how your round was today.
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) Overall it was very windy out there, which made it a big challenge around the course.

In the middle of the round there was a mistake, but felt good coming back with an eagle on 13.

Q. I think maybe four, five shots back, we'll see, going into tomorrow. Do you think you have a chance to make a run and win this thing?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) Just to start off, today was really windy and we don't know what the conditions are going to bring for tomorrow in the round.

I feel like I adapted pretty well today. I just need to keep focus and just keep steady going into tomorrow.

Q. I think this is your fourth time playing here; I think you played here when you were 15. What do you remember about coming here as a 15 year old and playing for the first time?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) That first year I was really young and I don't think I did very well. I missed the cut that first year. Every time I've been coming back I've been gaining more experience and feeling like I'm adapting more to Hawaii, the course, and the weather here.

So with every year I'm here I just keep getting more experience.

Q. I know you play a little bit on the LPGA Tour; been here a few years. Do you ever think looking forward you might want to play more on the LPGA Tour or are you comfortable doing what you're doing?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) Yes, of course I definitely want to play more out on the LPGA. It's a goal of mine to make it out here. So if that opportunity comes to present itself, of course I'm going to take that.

Q. Lastly, it's fun watching you hit driver. You can hit to really far. What's the secret? I think you led the field in driving the first day. What's your secret to be able to hit it so far?
HYE JIN CHOI: (Through translation.) In terms of my driver and the distance, last year I feel like I really hit it hard and further than this year.

Rather than focusing on distance and how far I can hit it, I just want to be able to match my driver and the shots to the course. Just taking it shot by shot. Just focusing on just adapting to the course and just making controlled shots rather than focusing on distance.

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