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April 14, 2019

Alvaro Ortiz

Augusta, Georgia

Q. I know you're disappointed on how you finished. What happened on that last hole?
ALVARO ORTIZ: I just, I thought I needed one more, I thought the low am was 4‑under and that's what they told me going into on number 8 and the last couple holes and I birdied 8, made a hell of an up‑and‑down for birdie.
On 9 I hit a perfect driver, I had a perfect number and I just tried to be too aggressive with it. I pulled it a little bit, didn't turn back because of the wind, hit a great bunker shot, just didn't make the putt.

Q. And you look up at the scoreboard and that score's not on the board so you had to go with what people were telling you?
ALVARO ORTIZ: Yeah. But I mean it's okay, it doesn't matter, really, it's just a trophy, right? And at the end of the day I know that I played great golf and I gave myself a chance and I'm just proud of the way I came back from the round yesterday and came out here and in tough conditions and played some excellent golf and just take a lot of positive things out of this week.

Q. Well you handled it very gracefully. I know you say you take positives out of the week but what will be your lasting memory from being here?
ALVARO ORTIZ: I have so many great memories and but the last one is just that the hug I'm about to give my parents right now after this interview.

Q. And I saw you hugging on some of your friends over there. What did they say to you?
ALVARO ORTIZ: That they're so proud of me and it was just a great tournament and it really is, it's a shame that I didn't win low am, but at the end of the day there was four amateurs playing on the weekend and just congratulations to Viktor, who, I mean he's a great player and everybody already knows that and just it was awesome to compete against him this week and I really like that guy and I think he's going to go far in his career.

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