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April 14, 2019

Devon Bling

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Can you just talk about the day today, it was an unusual start.
DEVON BLING: Oh, yeah, no, it was one of those difficult starts, but still just went out there with the same game plan that I've had the last two days. I just never made anything. I didn't make any putts today. It was just I hit a lot of good putts, just nothing went in and you're just going to have some of those days, it's golf. So overall it was decent.

Q. Are you disappointed in the day?
DEVON BLING: Not at all. I finished, I played four rounds at the Masters in my first Masters, that's a pretty big accomplishment. It is my first start and first start in a professional tournament, let alone a major, and I make the cut. So it's a huge confidence boost the entire week and, sure, I might be a little disappointed on a few of, on my round today, but overall I'm definitely not.

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