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April 14, 2019

Jon Rahm

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You played awfully well in this tournament. 27th and 4th the last two years, you're in the top‑10, how much do you take from your past experience here moving forward and what would it mean to you to win this tournament?
JON RAHM: I can't think of anything that hasn't been heard already. It's obviously very special. The atmosphere that is created around Augusta National, especially in a year that Tiger's in contention is very, very special. The cheers, the crowds, it's unlike any other, right? And it's the only time players are going to wait for people to post the results on the leaderboard because it's going to create some kind of noise and it's going to bother you on the putt, it's very, very special. It would be incredible, especially as a Spaniard, to be the fourth Spaniard to win a Green Jacket and join the likes of Seve, Jose Maria and Sergio would be a huge honor, you know, just those three players that I look up to right now and that I grew up looking up to, it would be absolutely incredible.

Q. Is there something in particular about the course that you just absolutely love?
JON RAHM: Yeah, it's the creative aspect of it. There's not one way of playing it. It's just you really have to gauge how you're feeling and things can change. I mean it is what it is and I started the first few holes not hitting the ball well, a little uncomfortable and then on 7 the switch flipped. I started going at the pins. Birdied 7, eagle 8, started giving myself some chances and it's fun. I love going to greens like this where you don't have a straight putt, you are going to have this, there's always going to be some type of curve, aiming two, three, four, five feet to the side of the hole, maybe 10, 20 feet sometimes. It's just a creativity, that imagination, that's something that Augusta National has and it's just so special. It's really fun for me, it's closer to what I grew up in, a lot of hills, not a flat lie, never a flat putt, I feel comfortable in this environment, so hopefully I can keep giving myself chances and putting myself in contention.

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