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March 28, 2019

Sergio Garcia

Austin, Texas

Q. Everybody was impressive, including Sergio Garcia. That was a heck of a shot back in the bunker from 173 yards. What was going well today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Pretty much everything. I think I missed maybe one green in these conditions, which were quite tough. A little wind, gusty. I drove the ball very, very well. Hit my irons really well. Gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities. Put pressure on him every single hole. And after I got in front I didn't really -- other than that little bogey on 13, I hit a good second shot just a little too hard, I didn't give him anything. I kept putting pressure on him.

Q. After you won, big roar from the crowd, I saw you giving them the Hook 'em Horns sign to the fans. How much does this feel like home to you now?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it's not home home. But it definitely has a home kind of feeling. Obviously with my wife, Angela, being from here, and our little girl Azalea, we have a lot of family here. We spent a little bit of time off golf here.

It's a great town. I've really been enjoying watching some of the football games, some of the Longhorn football games, and they're getting good now. So it's a little more fun to watch.

Q. Another big win for you. I thought you put the match away really on the outward nine, when you turned 4-up and you make a deuce at the 11th, you were 5-up and just close it out on the 14th. Really a well-played day for you.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, a day it was tough conditions, but I think I played very solid. I hit a lot of great drives. I hit a lot of greens. I think I only missed one green. And that just gave myself a lot of birdie chances, some of them didn't want to go in. But just a couple here and there. And a couple of mistakes that Andy made and that was about it.

Q. I really like your chances in windy conditions, and it's supposed to get just windier throughout the course of the week because you are such a great ball-striker. You missed one green, here, through the first 14 holes?
SERGIO GARCIA: I've enjoy playing in the wind. Obviously if you're playing well it's fun because it feels like you can control of your ball flight so well. So that's been a plus these first few days. But I still have to go out tomorrow and win my match, depend on myself, which is a great thing, but I still need to go out and beat Patrick tomorrow, and get ready for the weekend.

Q. You played two rounds here, yet to make it to the 17th hole. At some point I imagine you are going to have to play those holes. Would you go up and play those today at all?
SERGIO GARCIA: I've played them plenty of times, so I'm hoping that in a good way I don't get to play them at all. We'll see.

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