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March 17, 2019

Sergio Garcia

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Good round of golf.

Q. What did you make of it?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know, it felt like it was playing tough. I don't know, obviously played some really good holes and I played some very iffy ones. I putted really, really well today, so that obviously kept me in the round the whole day. Made some great saves on the front nine and even on the back nine, like 15 and 18 for example. But yeah, no, it's obviously nice to finish with a good round, but I like the way my game was feeling better on Thursday and Friday than Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Do you have to set targets when you go early on Sunday like this?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, no, I just go out there and try to shoot the lowest I can shoot. If it's 64, 64. If it's 67, 67. And if it's 73, 73. I try to do the best I can with what I have, and today I felt like I did really well with what I had.

Q. As we head towards Augusta, are you happy with your game where it's at?
SERGIO GARCIA: Like I said, I was happier Thursday and Friday the way I hit the ball, but the hopefully I'll get my feeling back next week and the week after in Austin and head into Augusta with some good feelings and some good thoughts. So hopefully we'll believe able to do that.

Q. Do you start thinking about the Masters now?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, no think about the Masters when we get there.

Q. How did 17 today, how did the shot look all the way?
SERGIO GARCIA: It looked really good. The wind hit it quite a bit. It's a good thing that I had plenty of club, but I mean, it was on a great line, obviously carried the bunker into the green and it took a nice hop forward and then spun and was -- it was really close. So nice to hit a shot like that after yesterday.

Q. When are you playing?
SERGIO GARCIA: Next two weeks.

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