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March 14, 2019

Chris Mooney Nathan Cayo Grant Golden

Washington, D.C.

St. Louis - 71, Richmond - 68

CHRIS MOONEY: Well I thought we played a great game. I thought it was super competitive, very physical game. I thought we did many things really, really well. I thought we defended well. Obviously they're a tremendous offensive rebounding team, that's a weakness of ours and they were really able to take advantage of it, which was the difference in the game. But I thought we handled the end of the game situation great, got the quick 2-point shot, still had time to maybe get a steal or a foul. And did a lot of things really well. Really proud of how we played, how we finished the season and sad to see Julius and Keith Oddo go. I wish we had a few more points in us.

Q. For Grant and Nathan, what are your guys's emotions just as you see the season come to an end here?
GRANT GOLDEN: It's tough. We had a tough year. We were expecting to have two guys Khwan Fore and De'Monte Buckingham with us and they decided to transfer. And then Nick Sherod goes down with an ACL. It's obviously tough, up-and-down year but I'm super proud of everybody in that locker room. Coaches, players, we all fought through, nobody gave up, nobody quit, and, yeah, I mean wish the outcome was a little different today, but.

Q. Was tonight maybe emblematic of that, that you guys were very much in it the entire way with a good basketball team.
NATHAN CAYO: I thought we fought the whole game. I obviously gave them too many offensive rebounds at the end but I think we gave ourself a chance the whole game and fought the whole time.

Q. Where do you guys go from here? What are your next steps?
CHRIS MOONEY: Well we're in the midst of spring break, so we'll go back and have some time to relax. And for us, for us I think we get started right away as coaches in terms of reviewing this season, recruiting, preparing for next season. Hopefully the guys can get a couple of days at least to relax and unwind and then get back to class and give them a couple of weeks off from basketball.

Q. Am I correct, I assume you guys won't pursue any post-season opportunities?

Q. Chris, talk about the rebounding edge you rebounded well with them the first half. And in the second half they really dominated the boards. Did they just wear you down or did they do anything differently?
CHRIS MOONEY: I think they really, they put their head down and drove the ball in there, and then sent everybody to the glass. We didn't have an answer for it. We were hoping -- we're fighting in there, but they're built to rebound, even Goodwin plays point guard a majority of the game and he has over a hundred offensive rebounds on the season. French and Foreman are, those guys are built to be offensive rebounders and we need to make sure that we do better at that, but also keep scoring on when we have the ball. And I thought defensively they took away Jacob as well as most teams have. So and we didn't attack it well enough. Not terribly, finished the game with only five turnovers, I think we had 10 turnovers in two games in the tournament, so I'm proud of that, but we just didn't keep scoring enough.

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