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February 9, 2019

Brian Gay

Pebble Beach, California

Q. First off this morning, 3-under 69. How would you describe day three here at Pebble?
BRIAN GAY: Pretty solid. Pretty good start. Pretty calm when we started, just cold. The wind picked up at the turn and then a little bit of rain, so it wasn't too easy coming in.

Q. What are the challenges playing these courses under these conditions knowing what's ahead of you?
BRIAN GAY: For me it's just, I'm not a fan of the cold, so it's trying to stay warm and just battle through it. Too many layers and I just feel like I can't move, so I'm constantly on and off with the jacket trying to stay warm.

Q. Top-10 finish a year ago. What have you maybe figured out about this place over the years?
BRIAN GAY: I'm not sure. I played good last year, having a good week this year, putted really nice the first day. I used to, growing up in the South, the greens, always kind of struggled on the poa annua. I guess I just got better on the poa annua over the years.

Q. How do you attack championship Sunday?
BRIAN GAY: Just go get some rest, come out and probably more of the same, I'm sure it's going to blow again tomorrow, it will be tough, just get the ball in play and give yourself some chances.

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