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February 9, 2019

Lucas Glover

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Nice stretch there today, 14 through 17, four birdies in a row. Can you talk a little bit about that, and also can you kind of sum up your day?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, it was a little bit up-and-down, rough start, and then popped off those four in a row, and then kind of struggled again on the front and then birdied 8 and then the weather rolled in and we were playing 9 and I had, just the way it is here, you wait 15 minutes, the weather will change. And got lucky yesterday and unlucky with it today and that's golf. But overall pleased. I putted nice. I had one putt I missed I thought I should have made, but I think it bounced add little bit, so no big deal. I like the way I'm playing and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. What was working for you?
LUCAS GLOVER: I've been ironing it good all week and continue to do that today. I just didn't hit enough fairways. And then I had a couple 3-putts. But with the soft conditions, the greens are pretty bumpy. I'm not going to take too much, take that too much into account.

Q. Played Pebble yesterday. Thoughts on playing Pebble again tomorrow.
LUCAS GLOVER: I'm excited. Last time I was here I had a nice Sunday there. So looking forward to kind of channeling that and hoping for good weather.

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