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February 7, 2019

Brian Gay

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 7-under today out here at Monterey Peninsula Country Club. What was the key to your round?
BRIAN GAY: I only missed one green and I made a couple long putts early, kind of got me going. I think I birdied five in a row to end the front nine. I made a long one on 5 and 6, I believe. No, not 6, the par-5. 4 and 7. And then got a couple more birdies late in the round.

Q. How important is it to get off to a great start here, not only because Monterey Peninsula Country Club usually yields some of the low scores, but because of the weather that's going to be coming in the next couple days?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, the forecast doesn't look great. It's always nice to get off to a good start. I've had a number of good rounds here. I've always enjoyed this course, so it was nice to come out here and play a good one.

Q. Why do you enjoy the course so much? Does it suit your eye or something about the course that you like?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I like it. It's usually the driest of the three, which is nice this week, because everything's really wet. Just like the style of it. It's beautiful out here on the water and just always enjoyed it.

Q. Coming into this week, did you kind of see a round like this coming? Was the game kind of trending in the right direction?
BRIAN GAY: Last week was, you know, didn't have a great finish, made the cut, but you're always never that far away it seems like. So it's always nice to come out and make some putts and get off to a good start.

Q. Does this format kind of help you in a way, kind of relax a little bit? You know the rounds are going to be a little longer, you've got some celebrities out with you, playing with Adrian Young this week.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, we had a great group, a couple great guys, Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian. It's really slow but there are some things that can kind of distract you and keep you maybe from thinking about the golf too much, so maybe that helps.

Q. Mindset going into tomorrow playing Spyglass, possibly some tough conditions. How do you kind of focus on what you need to do out there?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, hopefully won't get too much rain. Maybe we can get a lot of it in before the rain comes. I haven't seen the latest forecast. Spyglass's probably the hardest course so maybe back in the trees will help us a little bit over there.

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