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February 2, 2019

Slugger White

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. What went into the decision over the last 24 hours?
SLUGGER WHITE: Well, there was a lot of thought about it. We saw the video many, many times and we just felt like we needed to look at it a little bit more with the interpretation. It's a new rule, we agree with the rule, just the interpretation is a little difficult right now.

Q. So when you see the video, what exactly was the issue?
SLUGGER WHITE: That the caddie was behind the player when he was getting ready to, getting ready to play. And he, as you see right there, he didn't get -- now he'll get back into it afterwards. That in fact is -- that in fact is part of the interpretation of the rules, the new rule, that basically they don't need to be back there.

Q. How important is it for you guys, this is not the club championship, how important is it to be in unison, to be in contact with the USGA and R & A on this matter?
SLUGGER WHITE: Bottom line, we want it right, we want it correct. These guys, it's their livelihood and we want it to be rock solid that we were correct in what we did.

Q. Is there any worry, any negativity coming from something like this?
SLUGGER WHITE: I don't think it's a negative at all, I think it's very much a positive. We appreciate -- kudos to the R & A and to the USGA for looking into this, we'll get a more of a more definitive interpretation probably the next few days and again I think it's a positive.

Q. For people who are watching we see you guys in weather situations and you have to be here and give bad news, but you guys are always in contact with the players and the caddies on making them aware of all the things that go on. Since January 1st, how much more in the forefront have you and your staff been in terms of the new rules?
SLUGGER WHITE: I think probably more than usual because guys are really not familiar with the moving loose impediments in penalty areas, the dropping situation. And it's -- they just don't want to make a mistake, which is, that's the reason we are here.

Q. Bottom line, are you totally comfortable with the ruling on the situation?
SLUGGER WHITE: More than comfortable, yes, sir.

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