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January 27, 2019

Sergio Garcia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Your tournament started with a bogey-free 66 and ended with another 66. Reflect on your week?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, solid week. There's no doubt, I finished top five, I would say. It was a nice week. Just wish I would have putted a little bit better in the middle rounds more like I did today on the first day.

Unfortunately some of the rounds I played best is when I putted the worst. Overall it's another solid week and we keep building momentum. Just have to keep going the same way.

Q. This will be a very close tournament, were it not for Bryson DeChambeau. Put into context what he's doing, very special.
SERGIO GARCIA: It is special. We were talking about it inside the recorder's tent with Lee; if you're playing well and making everything, you can't screw that one up. It's a perfect combination.

He's playing really well, and it just feels like every putt he looks at, it's going in, or if it's not, it's burning the edge.

So obviously he's on a great mood at the moment. He's playing very, very nicely with a lot of confidence, and putting well. So you can't go wrong there.

Q. 6-under 66, it's been a great start to your 2019 campaign so far. How did you find today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it was a good week. I think very happy with the way I played. Obviously disappointed the way I putted Friday and Saturday more than anything. Today I putted nicely. First round was pretty good, pretty solid.

But those two rounds in the middle there, when I played good golf and pretty much didn't make anything, that put me too far behind.

So a little bit of a shame there but still a solid week. Probably going to finish probably top five or so. Happy with that, and we've just got to keep trying to keep building some more good momentum and hopefully have a good season.

Q. Your putter showed some interest today. Starting from 8, the incredible recovery shot and three birdies on the trot. As you were making the turn and climbing the leaderboard, was there part of you that wanted to check the leaderboard?
SERGIO GARCIA: I did check it. I played with Bryson the first two rounds. I know how well he's playing, and more than anything, how well he's putting. I knew that unless I got to 20- or 21-under, it's still not going to be enough. He's probably going to finish 24.

It was more than anything, trying to finish solo second, trying to finish maybe 18-, 19-under, finish solo second. Unfortunately just the last two holes, a couple good opportunities there that I let slip away.

Q. Can you tell us your thoughts on Bryson? Like yourself, kind of rose to notoriety very quickly. A lot of people probably don't know what to make of him because of his methodical and scientific approach to the game.
SERGIO GARCIA: He's playing great. He's playing very nicely. He's obviously feeling his swing very, very nicely. He's got a lot of confidence going, that helps, and he's putting unbelievable.

So when you're doing those things, when you're putting those things together, it's usually a winning combination.

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