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January 18, 2019

Curtis Luck

La Quinta, California

Q. Solid round today. 66. You're in second place going into the weekend. How would you assess your play today?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, really good. Just like yesterday, very solid, lot of greens, a lot of fairways. Just missed a couple of short ones today, unfortunately, on the greens. But putting's been great. So hopefully going into the weekend it's exactly the same.

Q. How important was it to bounce back with that birdie at 9 after the bogey at 8?
CURTIS LUCK: In the grand scheme of things maybe not that important, still a lot of golf to play, but it's obviously lovely to finish that way. Unfortunately, just poor shot on 8 today and it cost me, but, yeah, I was able to bounce back there on 9 and roll a good putt in.

Q. Going into the weekend you're two shots back, got two rounds on the Stadium Course. How are you feeling about playing that course twice in a row?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, at the start of the week I teed it up in my first practice round on Monday in some pretty wild weather and stopped playing because it was so brutal out there. But with the conditions and it's quite soft now and the sun's out, I think all three courses are very scorable, so I'm excited to obviously get into Saturday and hopefully be right up there Sunday afternoon.

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