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January 18, 2019

Jack Wagner

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. 37 points, and a 34 yesterday?
JACK WAGNER: Yeah, so 71. I guess I'll be in the top four.

Q. You're in the top three or four right now. So you've got a couple guys still coming in. How was it today? Just go through it.
JACK WAGNER: It was good, solid. No mistakes, just real solid. Got a birdie on the par 5 -- where did I get it? I don't even remember. I got one on 6, a par 4. I got one on 10, a bogey on 11. Then birdied the par 5. And just a little clumsy. I had 6-footers for birdie on 16 and 17, didn't make. Par putt 5 feet, didn't make on 18. I got a little tired, and I'm 1 under today, so that's what I got.

Q. You shot 71 today. What did you shoot yesterday?
JACK WAGNER: I was probably about 1 over yesterday. Five birdies, though, so that got me more points.

Q. Solid with pars, so you're right in the hunt. Definitely like the format, more points now?
JACK WAGNER: You know what, I think it's good for everybody because just the psychological aspect. I think the players that aren't as good as well as the good players will just kind of like feel a little better and not doubles will pull us back. And a bogey's a point. I think confidence-wise, the better players are going to win, but I think confidence-wise it just keeps in there a little more.

Q. You mentioned the four rounds, and you mentioned right now you got a little tired toward the end. How is that going to play on Sunday for you, do you think?
JACK WAGNER: You know what, we'll see. I'm really a conditioned kind of guy. So I go to the gym after I play. I hit balls after I play. Today I'm going to lay down.

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