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December 29, 2018

Nick Saban

Miami Gardens, Florida

Alabama - 45, Oklahoma - 34

Q. Coach, you never know how your team is going to respond after they've had about a month after, but you started fast, never relented the lead. What would you describe this focus coming into the game?
NICK SABAN: You know, really proud of our team. It's a great win for us. Oklahoma has got a great program and a great team, a great offensive team for sure, a lot of weapons, a lot of firepower. There was a lot of things that can we could do better. We've got a lot of untimely penalties in this game that really either extended drives for them or stopped us, so there are a lot of things that we need to focus on to improve.

Q. For the fourth straight year you're going to the National Championship. What has impressed you about the way this team has taken the approach to the game of football?
NICK SABAN: Well, they were very focused today and they stayed that way all year long. Any time you win 14 games, that's a pretty good thing. We haven't always played our best, but we played against a good team today and won, and I'm really proud of our players.

Q. Coming into the game, the question was surrounding Tua and that ankle and he came in and led a touchdown drive the very first time he touches the ball. What impressed you most about the way your offense performed?
NICK SABAN: Well, I think our offense really controlled the tempo of the game, and the only time we really got stopped in the game is we stopped ourselves, and it would have been much more difficult for them to get back in the game if that didn't happen, but you've got to say something about the great execution we had to control the tempo of the game like we did.

Q. Until January 7th you are going to be answering questions about the fourth-round match-up against Clemson. What's your initial take on seeing Dabo and the Tigers again?
NICK SABAN: Well, you know they've got a great program and great team and Dabo has done a great job there, and they've got a great program, so I'm sure it'll be a real challenge for us, and I'm sure we'll need to play better then than we did today.

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