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November 17, 2018

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Your takeaways of this round?
DANNY WILLETT: Just real solid again. Didn't do anything silly. One bad drive out there. We're really solid tee-to-green this week so far and we keep giving ourselves a lot of reasonable chances, and then the odd really good look.

Yeah, it's a shame that on 17, 18, we could have had maybe one more but we're the right side of the leaderboard.

Q. Playing alongside another Masters Champion tomorrow. If it's strategy, mechanics, mentally, emotionally; what is the most important thing you have to bring to the golf course tomorrow?
DANNY WILLETT: You've just got to be patient. We got off to a really slow start and Matt got off to a really quick start and you see how this game flips around in the space of a couple of hours.

For him to only shoot 1-under out there and for us to shoot 4 after the first five holes, that was probably looking incredibly unlikely. You've just got to stay patient and just keep playing. Kind of try and play with that freedom and just make the good moves and commit to golf shots and see what happens.

Q. General feeling is conditions and pin positions have been the toughest of the three days so far. How pleasing to walk off with a 68 today?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, real good. Not going to say cold, it was really humid, but the wind picked up and got a little bit overcast. We looked at a few of these flags this morning and they looked a little bit funky, and you get out there with the wind, yeah, really pleasing. We hit a few nice shots into a few of the really tight ones and gave ourselves a lot of good looks.

Q. Important to keep in touch with the guys that were pulling away at the top?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, a couple of poor wedge shots into 10 and 11 and then a silly bogey down 12 after a bad tee shot. Then it was nice from 14 onwards to give ourselves a few good looks, really, coming in.

I said early in the week, there's runs out here that you can get on with the holes and you've just got to make sure that you've not put yourself too far away that when your run comes, you're doing it for nothing, really. We're kind of two or three back most of the day on the spin which kind of put us in the spin.

Q. Joint leader after 54 holes of this tournament along with Patrick Reed, who you'll play with tomorrow, how exciting at the prospect of closing out a tournament and getting back into the winner's circle?
DANNY WILLETT: It would be nice, but there's a lot of golf left, 18 holes. A lot can happen in 18 holes. I'm just happy with the golf game. The golf game is in good shape. The body is feeling good, and like I've said, it's been a long old year with all the stuff that's gone on and for this to be the last event I'm going to play in this year with a field this good is a real bonus. Going to go out and try and play some good golf tomorrow.

Q. This must feel hugely satisfying to be in this position, heading into the final day of the season?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, I think even if we weren't in contention, just the way that we've worked and practiced these last three, four months and what I've taken from the range to the golf course and now it's just each week, it's felt a little bit better, a little bit better.

The result might not have come but everything's been feeling good, and I appreciate this game at times is a little bit tricky when you're not getting results and you feel like things are good and you feel like you're knocking your head against the wall. It's nice to be in this position and nice to be in this position feeling comfortable is more important. Yeah, good fun.

Q. That steady progression that you're describing, is that almost the biggest source of satisfaction in a sense?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, like I said, me and Foles and Kevs sat down at the beginning of this year, back end of last year, and looked into what we needed to do, and my main goal was this year, not really a golfing goal, but body-wise. If I could finish the season healthier and fitter than I started the season, I would be somewhere near and that's exactly what we've done.

This is the sixth out of seven weeks playing golf. We've travelled all around the world trying to play a good bit, and it's nice that my body feels as good now as it ever has, really.

So yeah, regardless of what happened tomorrow in the golf game, not going to lie, it would be an amazing thing to win, but regardless of what happens, with where I am body, mind, golf, just more looking in the long-term of my career, really, is pretty good.

Q. Given what you've been through, presumably that can help you in what will be an important task of not getting ahead of yourself tomorrow.
DANNY WILLETT: I don't think tomorrow could be a bad day regardless, or it could compare to some of the bad days I've had. There's not many negatives we can spin. You pitch up tomorrow, you don't play well, you don't play well. You go back out, see the kids, you come back out in January and play well and see what happens. Yeah, in a nice place.

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