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November 11, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Sun City, South Africa

SERGIO GARCIA: You have to give credit to Lee. To shoot 64 in the last round -- I mean, the greens were a little bit softer today but still, you had to go out there and do it. It's not that easy.

I played okay. I didn't have my A Game, other than Thursday, obviously, but I fought hard. I stayed patient. Things didn't really happen too much to me. But you know, overall, I still fought hard. I hit some good shots and a couple more putts here and there.

Q. Your thoughts on how happy you are for Lee to get the victory?
SERGIO GARCIA: I'm thrilled for him. He had a bad Ryder Cup at Hazeltine and he struggled a little bit, and he's been playing much better this year. He's been knocking on the door for winning. He played well in Valderrama. I wish I would have won myself, but if not, obviously to see Lee do it is pretty nice.

Q. Momentum continues for you, the great run that you're on at the moment. What's coming up and how keen are you to take this momentum and keep building on it?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely, it's some good momentum. Obviously finishing second here, it's a great result. Like I said, I would have loved to win but second is still a good result and a lot of positives out of it. At the same time, I'm looking forward to putting the clubs away and rest a little bit, but I still have two more weeks, Dubai and Hong Kong, and after that we'll be able to rest a little bit.

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