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November 2, 2018

Danny Willett

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Second round 65, what was working well for you today?
DANNY WILLETT: Hit a lot of good iron shots in there close. Had a few kick ins. Yeah, still left a few out there but yeah, the game's going in a good direction.

Q. You're on pace for your first Top-10 since July. What does it feel like to be back in the hunt?
DANNY WILLETT: It's nice. It's always nice to know that you're playing good golf in practise and take it from the range or the practice area and kind of implement it a bit more on the golf course. We're hitting good shots in practise and movements are good and everything is going okay.

Q. When you look at the injuries in the last couple years, can you look at your game now to this point last year?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's a different league. Like I said, the main goal this year was for the body at the end of the season to be better than it was at the beginning, which it is, and the golf game is following that trend. We're moving really well and waking up in the mornings and in the game and everything is good, no painkillers. It's a nice place to be, regardless where the golf was or is, kind of took a little longer than I wanted it to but it's kind of getting there now. It's more where the body is and how that's feeling.

Q. That's two pretty good rounds of golf to start this tournament off. Could have been better at the end?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, we had a couple of 3-putts. There's a few in there but everyone is going to come off and say they left a few.

Hitting it nice. Putting the ball in play and plodding around where we need to. A lot of really nice short, mid-irons in there, which this place, you get a lot of shots from kind of 160 to 190 and if you can kind of have them locked up, you can give yourself a few good looks.

Q. It's the kind of course you can be aggressive?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, with the conditions it makes it a little bit simpler. Wind around this place, you get the knuckles that are into the greens, and greens firm up, it can play a little bit tricky. Generally this week seems like it's going to be pretty similar, pretty calm, so the guys are trying to tuck the flags a little bit but if you're in the fairway, guys are going to be able to shoot some good scores.

Q. You played here two years ago and it was up-and-down for the four rounds. Nice to get off to that consistent start with two good rounds under your belt?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, when I came here two years ago, I'm not sure how interested in playing golf I was. Nice that we're back, and I'd say rejuvenated, but like I said, the body is in the best place it's been in probably five or six years now and the golf game is going along with it and following that trend.

Me and Foles have done a lot of work on the swing, and me and Kevin have done a lot of work on the body. It's all coming along well and a nice time of year to be playing good golf.

Q. With these Rolex Series Events, nice to be going back in the right direction again?
DANNY WILLETT: We had a slow third section to the year. We were just struggling a little bit to match up the moves and shots and stuff and wasn't quite seeing it properly but we're doing a lot of good work at home and we've played quite a lot the last six weeks all around the world.

It's been good to get out there on your own, not always have someone's eye, having you figure out a few things yourself. Still the same blueprint but you figure out a few shot shapes you prefer than others, and take it from there, but some good stuff at the moment.

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