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October 7, 2018

Caroline Hedwall

Incheon, South Korea

Q. How crucial were those last two holes for you?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, it just meant a lot because I've just been struggling on the greens today. I played all right, but then just didn't make a single putt it felt like. I mean, it was just nice to get one point here because I feel like I had it there. I mean, but yeah, it just felt really good, to be honest.

Q. Were you fighting the putter most of the day or just nothing was rolling in?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: No, it was just not going in, and then you start fighting it almost. You just want it so bad, and it gets to you. Eventually, you know, it starts falling, and it did on the last one, so that was nice.

Q. And then the feeling of just getting a point out of this and then you're going to go watch your teammates afterwards?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Yeah, I was down the whole match basically, so it's really important to just get one point out of this. I've been fighting on, and it's just nice when it paid off at the end.

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