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September 30, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Guyancourt, France

Q. I know you are going to say this is all about your team and they have just won The Ryder Cup, again. Try and sum up your emotions for us.
SERGIO GARCÍA: Yeah, I don't usually cry, but I couldn't help it. What a week. It's been a rough year, but you know, we fought hard. Obviously so thankful for Thomas to pick me and believe in me, and you know, so happy, so happy to get the Cup back here in Paris and in Europe and for everyone to enjoy it as much as they did.

Q. With this victory, you become Europe's top point scorer, you must have tremendous pride.
SERGIO GARCÍA: Yeah, it means a lot but at the end of the day, I've always said it. It's about the team and I'm happy that I was able to help. I'm happy that I was able to help with some of the points. It's a bonus. It's something that I never thought I would have the possibility of doing it, and now that it's happened, you know, I'm just so happy. I mean, these guys are unbelievable.

JUSTIN ROSE: Europe's highest ever (hugging Sergio).

Q. You haven't played your best golf this year, what is it about Ryder Cup that enables you to come out and be amazing again?
SERGIO GARCÍA: Well, I feel like I've been just a little bit off. I haven't been that bad. Just it's been one of those years that nothing seemed to happen. But you know, I played well in Greensboro. Felt like something was happening. I played really well last week in Portugal and you know, I rested a little bit which was nice. I needed that to play with the energy that the Ryder Cup deserved, and you know, I'm so happy that I was able to play as well, not only myself, but the whole team, as well as we did.

Q. Mentally The Ryder Cup is so taxing. How much were you feeding off the amazing energy of this audience?
SERGIO GARCÍA: It was unbelievable. The crowds were amazing. They always are but it was just unbelievable how supportive. I've never had so many big cheers like I've had this week. It was amazing, and I'm just really happy that they get to celebrate now.

Q. So many teams for you. Is this the strongest in depth that you've ever played in?
SERGIO GARCÍA: Yeah, definitely. It was a hell of a team. No doubt about that, but it shows how good we are, too. I think that a lot of people thought that the Ryder Cup was over before it was played and I guess unfortunately they picked the wrong team.

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