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September 28, 2018

Alex Noren Sergio Garcia

Guyancourt, France

Q. Alex, how much fun is this Ryder Cup?
ALEX NOREN: It was an unbelievable first day. Yeah, I -- I'm so happy, just to get it out of the way, you know, get a good point and playing with Sergio is fantastic. Yeah, it means a lot to just be on the team and make a point.

Q. Your emotion right now says it all. Sergio, you've been here before and you've experienced it all, but captain's pick, how special for you to go out there to show the faith that the captain put in you to, return that favour, if you like and deliver a point in emphatic fashion?
SERGIO GARCÍA: It was important. I get so lucky. I get paired with amazing partners every time. I think we played the front nine, we played some amazing golf, a couple shots here and there on the back nine, but I think we held on well. I think Alex was a rock. I helped him a little bit here and there and it was great to get a point.

Q. Talk about what it means to be standing here experiencing this magical moment?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it's amazing, like we all want to get here and once we get here, it's a different story to other tournament. The crowds are amazing. You want to perform and you have to dig deep and just go with what you can play with. Forget all the practise before -- it's different.

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