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September 2, 2018

Travis Wilson

Portland, Oregon

TRAVIS WILSON: Just a minor cog in the gears --

Q. A minor cog but a pretty major minor; two in a row for you.
TRAVIS WILSON: Yeah, I love coming back here. I think every caddie on Tour will agree this is the best caddie accommodations that we have, and it's been that way since I've been on the Tour. It's like a homecoming, coming back to this course. We have the putting contest Tuesday. It's like routine, and it's always great.

Q. So it's always good to come back someplace that you like, and now especially two wins in a row has got to make it even more special.
TRAVIS WILSON: Yeah, I've enjoyed every year I've came here. The last two years it's just kind of been more exciting, I guess.

Q. How did you and Marina get connected?
TRAVIS WILSON: We're friends. You know, just -- and I wanted to come out to Portland was basically the reason that I wanted to work. I started looking around at options, and Marina had just parted ways with her caddie, and I said, yeah, let's do that, I want to work Indy and Portland, and she said, Canada is in the middle, can you do that. Yeah, yeah, okay. So I signed up for three weeks, and I'm so happy for her. She's a great girl. She works hard. She's been close a number of times, and to be the guy that gets her through to get that first win, I'm going to remember that forever in my career, you know. It's good.

Q. What's the difference between Marina and Stacy inside the ropes?
TRAVIS WILSON: Well, Stacy last year was -- she's a champion. She was playing for a different cause last year. That was all she was thinking about was that, and she attributed that to God guiding her to help other people. Marina was so rock solid all week, it was just amazing. She didn't look past the next shot. She was just great all week.

Q. She said she didn't know she was winning until you told her on the back nine?
TRAVIS WILSON: Yeah, I told her on the last hole we were up by four after she hit her tee shot. I mean, don't worry about it, we're good, just punch it out there and give yourself a good number to the next. She just kept her head down and kept playing.

Q. So you said it was just a three-week gig. Do you think it might keep going a little longer?
TRAVIS WILSON: I don't know. She's got other plans, and I've got -- I wanted some time off in the fall. I haven't had it in 25 years. I'm going to do that.

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