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July 19, 2018

Brian Gay

Nicholasville, Kentucky

Q. Nice playing today. This golf course is 7400 yards and it's not getting much roll.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it's a a little soft. It's nice to have the ball in hand today. Get it in the fairway and have some good lies to try and attack some of the pins.

Q. Talked to come of the players about how wet the fairways are, but the greens, man, they're rolling still. They're not really soft and squishy. They're holding up great, aren't they?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, the greens are rolling good. Picked up a little speed today I thought compared to the last two days. Yeah, I rolled in a couple nice 20-footers; hit couple drives a little wayward, but pretty solid day.

Q. After the pro-am yesterday and playing in those muddy conditions, were you expecting to get to play the ball up or just hoping to get to play the ball up?
BRIAN GAY: I was wondering and hoping. Yeah, with the forecast tomorrow I figured they would want it to be equal. First two rounds I thought would be the best thing for them to do would be to play it up today.

Q. What you your thoughts on the golf course? It's actually Arthur Hills, man, and these greens are pretty cool?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, like literally the front nine I had seven downhill left-to-righters. You got to get it in the right spot. There is a lot of slope on them, so if you get it in the right spot you can make some putts.

Q. Now, there are some areas out here where you can actually use the slopes. Are the greens receptive enough where you are getting to use backstops and stuff?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, especially with the wedges. You got to pay attention and try to figure out where to land it to try to work it toward the hole.

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