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July 12, 2018

Patrick Reed

Gullane, Scotland

Q. Tail of two nines today?
PATRICK REED: That's all you can do around this golf course with, this wind direction, it seems like you have two drivable holes back-to-back, you have a par 5 that's downwind and if you hit fairway, you have wedge in your hand.

There's a lot of short holes on that side being downwind but the front nine is a lot easier than the back with this wind direction but I just left too many shots out there on the back nine with the putter.

Feel like I hit some quality iron shots in there. Just didn't quite make any putts on the back, but at the same time, it's going to happen. You have a tougher back nine. If I could have made two, maybe three birdies on the back nine it would have been a really good day but all in all, 5-under after the first round, one or a couple back, all depends on what happens, but we're in good position.

Q. You must have thought that putt was in on 18, very close to?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, seemed like that was the tale of the back nine. On the front, the putts were going in but on the back nine too many lip outs. There's three lipouts and one ball hanging on edge in the back nine. If you get a couple of those two drop it's a completely different story. All I can do is continue to do what I'm doing, it had the ball -- in the short grass, hit it on the green and give myself some birdie looks and try to roll them in.

Q. Have you learned anything particularly on the back nine about this golf course?
PATRICK REED: Biggest thing you have to make sure you take enough club. You go the front nine, everything seems like it's going miles downwind, but then back nine it stalls mid air. I think that's just the biggest thing and just getting more and more comfortable with it and hopefully I can keep on getting more comfortable as the week goes on and make a run here starting tomorrow.

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