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July 12, 2018

Russell Knox

Gullane, Scotland

RUSSELL KNOX: 4-under, would have taken that and run at the start of the day. So yeah, I was happy. I mean, I felt a little weird starting out and kind of in the middle of my round, but I played quite good at the start and conditions got a little tougher, a little cooler and wind came up and I started getting a little tight and I was happy just to kind of par in to be honest.

Q. How is the energy levels?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, they are dreadful to be honest. But it is what it is. I mean, like I say, I was delighted with 4-under today. Probably would have taken anything under par to be honest, so 4-under was great. But I mean, at the same time, every day I should be able to -- should be able to get a little more energy. I mean, obviously kind of quick turnaround tonight but I should be all right.

Q. Sleeping well?

Q. Still exhausted?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's taxing. But that's all right. I mean, good problems to have, rather be tired and play well than tired and playing crap. I'm tired, but I mean, obviously I'm playing well and I'm swinging well. It's kind of like shut up and get on with it?

Q. Is this the best run of form you've put together?
RUSSELL KNOX: No, Hooters Tour, 2007, I was unstoppable for a month or so. That was the best golf I've ever played to be honest. I strive to get back to that form one day.

Momentum is everything this stage of the game, especially before France, I had not really gotten anything going and so I needed something which I got it, which is nice, so now it's a test to myself of like, okay, I've done -- I've won, finished second, like how good can I get, how can I keep it going. I mean, obviously there's going to be a time where I can't, but can I keep it going this week, can I keep it going next week.

It's a challenge.

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