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July 12, 2018

Caroline Hedwall

Toledo, Ohio

Q. You birdies six of your first nine holes?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Yeah, maybe I did. Yeah, that's right. I didn't even pay attention to be honest. But, yeah, it was nice. Finally, I started making some putts.

Q. What was the key to your game today?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, I was just giving myself a lot of opportunities and took advantage of them. Like I said, I made a lot of putts too, which was nice, because that's what I've been struggling with the past weeks that I just don't make putts.

Q. So coming into this week, what were your expectations? Did you have a game plan?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, it's sort of a tricky course. You have to have a good strategy out there. I'm not hitting that many drives on the course, but I think -- I mean, it worked out well today, and obviously you have to make putts out here to kind of be on the top. And today, it worked out, and I'm just hoping I can keep going tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk about the last hole that you hit? A bummer that it wasn't a par, but how did you manage?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, I ended up in the fairway bunker, and that's always a tough spot. I think I hit a decent shot from there and another bunker. I mean, I almost made the bunker shot. And I thought I actually made the putt. I mean, you can't make everything, and I'm still happy with the round. I'm in a good position, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. So coming in to today, did you have any idea what the leaders were doing? Did you pay attention to the leaderboard?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, I saw that there were a couple of minus-5s posted on the leaderboard in the morning. But I just kept going and try to just make birdies, you know, because as many as you can make, that's just a good thing.

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