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July 12, 2018

Kelly Kraft

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Obviously six birdies and a bogey. If you take that bogey away obviously a really good round. Still a good round. Tell us about your first round here.
KELLY KRAFT: No, it was good. Made kind of one mistake. Hit pretty much every fairway, I think.

I just didn't hit my wedges that good. Had a lot of looks, but need to get those wedges a little bit closer.

Made a bogey on 17, the par-5. Hit a perfect cut shot in there, what I thought was perfect, and it kicked out of the bunker. It was still a good shot. I just hit a terrible shot over the green and I bogeyed there.

Other than that, it was pretty good. Made some good putts, and hopefully tomorrow can hit the wedges a little closer and maybe get a couple more.

Q. Satisfied with the number at least?
KELLY KRAFT: Yeah, definitely. I felt like I played better than 5-under today. Felt like I could've -- I didn't really capitalize on, like I said, couple of those wedge shots.

It was definitely a -- I mean, I'm not complaining; 5-under is a good score, so...

Q. Things to build on for tomorrow?
KELLY KRAFT: Yeah, definitely. The putter feels great still coming from last week; it felt pretty good.

The greens are kind of rolling kind of like they were in the first couple rounds last week, so pretty comfortable with those. I made a lot of putts on those and made some good putts today on the front nine, which was the back nine.

No, it was good. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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