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July 12, 2018

Bart Bryant

Highland Park, Illinois

Q. Great round today, hiccup at the end, but that shouldn't take too much away from your round, right?
BART BRYANT: Yeah, I played good overall. I really only hit that one suspect drive, and it just ended up in a place where I had to chip out. So I'm not too disappointed. You're never real happy when you finish with a bogey, but overall it was a good day. I played really solid. I made all the putts I was supposed to make, hit my wedges well. My irons were mediocre, but I did get a couple in there pretty close. Overall it was just a really good, solid round, so that's a good start for me.

Q. What would it mean to win this tournament?
BART BRYANT: Well, you know, winning a major is always big no matter what tour you're on. It would be a dream come true for sure. But can't start thinking about that too soon. We're just barely, barely getting started.

Q. How would you describe the course today?
BART BRYANT: It was good. The greens are still very receptive. I think that's why you're seeing some low scores today. If it firms up a little bit towards the weekend, I think it could play a little tougher. But today you were able to go at the pins. Of course I was out early in the morning, so I had nine holes of stadium golf before the wind even kicked up. But if the wind blows over the next couple days and it gets a little firmer, I think you'll see a much tougher course.

Q. What about the fairways? I know there was some questions that those could be kind of tough because they were narrow at times.
BART BRYANT: The fairways here are fairly wide for a major, to be honest with you. I thought they might be a little narrower. The rough is not real penal. I think it's going to come down to the guy who's hitting his irons, wedging it well on the par-5s and then making the putts.

Q. How have you played overall this year?
BART BRYANT: Very mediocre. I had one second-place finish at Houston, but overall just hasn't been a great year. Last year was a tough poor year, so it was the first -- just with personal circumstances going on --

Q. Your wife passed?
BART BRYANT: She did, yeah. And I just didn't -- I think I handled life pretty well. I didn't handle golf very well. I don't know if I can say that or not. But golf seems to be getting a little bit better as the year goes on, and hopefully I'll get my game back. My confidence was very, very low.

Q. So this would be a great pick me up?
BART BRYANT: Yeah, it's better. I shot 66 the last round at Wisconsin. I changed putters, actually. I hadn't changed putters in forever. I had been putting so bad all year, I actually went to Dick's and bought a new putter the night before the final round, and I got 66. I said, well, I'm going to use that this week and see how it goes. And I putted awfully solid today. For me that's kind of the X-factor, and finally I saw some putts go in.

Q. What did you switch from, what to what?
BART BRYANT: You know, I've been using my old standby that I've been using since '04, actually, and it was a Bobby Grace, and I actually switched to the 2-ball, the Odyssey 2-ball putter. For some reason, it was just funny, I went in -- my caddie and I were having dinner, he goes, we've got to do something. I go, let's go buy a putter. So I went and bought a putter, and that was the first time I had putted okay was that third round. Even on the week I finished second. I putted poorly. I just hit the ball so good. So today to see some consistency -- I mean, that's two rounds in a row where I saw some consistency with the putter. For me, that's what it's always been about. If that trend can continue, I think I'll get some confidence and start playing better.

Q. So you just walked into a Dick's Sporting Goods in Wisconsin?

Q. And no one recognized you or anything?
BART BRYANT: No. No, they didn't even give me a head cover. So maybe that will be the ticket for me this week. I don't know.

Q. And you putted well today?
BART BRYANT: I did. I putted good. I didn't putt extraordinary, but I made -- all the putts I was supposed to make, I made, so that was good.

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