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July 12, 2018

Glen Day

Highland Park, Illinois

Q. Bogey-free today, Glen, a very solid start to the tournament.
GLEN DAY: Very solid. I didn't get off to a great start. I drove it in the bunker on 1 and had to basically chip out, hit 4-iron in there, and then had to get up-and-down. Missed the green on 2 in the bunker and made a great up-and-down, and then I made a good putt on 3, which kind of settled everything in. I just got settled down and just tried to play the golf course.

Q. Guys are scoring out there early; what were the conditions like?
GLEN DAY: You know, the conditions were perfect. The golf course was great. You know, they got enough rough you can hit it in there, and get a bad lie you're going to be in trouble, or if you hit it in there and get a decent lie, you can still play it to the green. You know, the greens aren't super, super fast, and it's out there. There's plenty of low scores. I would not -- I don't know what the scores are, but I don't think 6-under will be leading.

Q. You didn't think it would be?
GLEN DAY: I don't think it will be.

Q. Any highlights today out there? Anything stand out?
GLEN DAY: You know, it was one of those just boring rounds. No. 8, really hard par-3, and I pulled a 3-iron that barely cleared the bunker and almost went in for 1, so I got lucky there to get to 3-under, and then I made a real long putt on 10, about 30 feet or so, and just kind of playing along on the back nine, nothing going right, nothing going wrong, can't really do anything. 16, I hit a really good drive and a really good second shot and made a good about 10-footer, and then 17 I hit it to two feet. So it was just kind of boom-boom, and you got right there.

Q. 8, the par-3 where you almost aced it, did you have a tap-in there?
GLEN DAY: No, it was about six, eight feet behind the hole, but I pulled the 3-iron. It should have never gone close to the pin. I will be honest there. But it worked out. It was just one of those days I got the good break. The bad days when you don't play good, that ball is one step shorter, it bounces straight up, rolls in the bunker, you hit it out and you make a bogey. You've got to accept the goods when they come.

Q. How has your year been going?
GLEN DAY: Fair to middling. Had my chances, played good in a couple of tournaments, but nothing real special or flashy. We're about, what, halfway through the year?

Q. 12 more events.
GLEN DAY: Yeah, so we'll see what happens.

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