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July 12, 2018

Michael Kim

Silvis, Illinois

Q. We were talking about it on the air. You know you have to go low, there are going to be birdies out there, but you don't want to think about a score. (Audio skip.)
MICHAEL KIM: I kind of tell myself to just forget about it and just try to do the best I can on each shot and add it up at the end of the day.

Q. Two 20-footers and a 40-footer in your round today as well. I know you got to roll them in when the greens are receptive and also pretty smooth when you got to them early this morning.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, rolled it great. You know, been struggling with the putter a little bit, but got a good mental note from the morning warmup today and rolled it great.

Going to keep going with it.

Q. What did you find that worked for you on the greens?
MICHAEL KIM: Just a different thought process while going through it. Kind of hard to explain. More of a feel than anything.

Q. Do you have any golf superstitions to share with us?
MICHAEL KIM: I personally try not to have any superstitions. I think it gets tiring when you get too caught up in that.

I purposely try not to think too much about it.

Q. Talk about today's round. Obviously pretty clean until 8, and still finished with a par. You're one back at this point.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, got off to a great start just to start off today. I think I was 4-under through 5 or something like that. So, yeah, it's always great to start it off like that.

Really can't to going from there.

Q. I know you don't look at the stats, but we do, and in tee-to-green stats you're right up there in strokes gained in all those categories.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah. Just been working on a few different things with my coach. I think it's starting to show some good results.

Q. What was working out there for you the best?
MICHAEL KIM: Just putted great today. Been struggling would the putter last couple weeks, but really, really rolled it nice today.

Q. How are the greens?
MICHAEL KIM: Greens are great. They're soft, they're rolling true, and they're bent greens, so you just got to hit it on your line.

Q. You think it'll be a little enough in the afternoon for the guys? It might dry out a little bit?
MICHAEL KIM: I don't think so. It's pretty soft, so I don't think it's going to dry out too much. Just depends on if the wind picks up or not.

If it stays like this, I'm sure the scores are still going to be pretty low.

Q. When guys go low, what aspects -- maybe does that kind of turn up the pressure for you knowing you got to make a budge of birdies out here to be successful?
MICHAEL KIM: I think at least one thing is you know you're going to have to shoot something probably in the 20-under range after four rounds to hold the trophy.

You have that mindset from the beginning, but you try not to think too much about it and just take it one shot at a time.

Q. Speaking of holding the trophy, what do you have to do the next three days to stay in the hunt like this?
MICHAEL KIM: Just keep on doing what I been doing. I'm rolling it good, I'm hitting it good, so work on a couple things on the range this afternoon and try and keep it going.

Q. Did you have a positive feeling like this at any other tournaments you can recall?
MICHAEL KIM: Not really. You know, I've been feeling pretty good about my game last couple weeks. Just haven't been able to kind of hold it together for the entire day. But it's nice to get a low one today and see all the new things I'm working on.

It's good.

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