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July 12, 2018

Nick Taylor

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Talk about the game and the scoring conditions today.
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I was able to make some putts, which was nice. Took advantage of the par-5s.

Yeah, it was a really solid day. Didn't drive it great coming in, but made some good pars coming in so I'm happy.

Q. Yeah, really only one blemish on the card. Close to a perfect round for you?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah. There is no perfect round I guess ever, but, no, it's a great start. That's that I was looking for.

Q. How do you carry that into round two knowing things will heat up and people are going low?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, there is no break here. You got to keep going forward and trying to make birdies. Every time I seem to make a birdie on the front 9 someone else is still pushing the lead.

So that's what's going to happen out here, so many just keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. Today what was working for you?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I like this golf course. I've just never played well here. Today I just played solid, hit some wedges close, took advantage of the par-5s, and I think mostly here I've always for some reason not putted great.

I was seeing the lines today and my speed was really good, so I was making some putts. It was nice to see them going in.

Q. From tee-to-green you seemed to play really well, setting yourself up to get those birdie chances today.
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah. I was solid today. I had the one drive on I think 6 wasn't that bad, but it smoked a tree and came back like 40 yards. I actually had a birdie chance there, but made a great par.

So didn't drive it great coming in to give myself really good looks, but was hitting good shots out of the rough. I was giving myself chances, and that's kind of what I need to do.

Q. Only be two back. Satisfied?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah. You know, any time you shoot 7-under. This place, it's amazing every year how low the scores are. Just got to keep pushing forward and try and make birdies every day.

It's a great start. Hopefully I can keep doing that.

Q. Some big weeks for you right now. How do you carry this into tomorrow and hopefully set yourself up for the weekend?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah. Again, kind of keep doing what I been doing. I been working hard. The results haven't been there obviously, but I feel like my game has been close.

A lot is seeing the putts go in, and today they were going in. It was nice seeing them go. Last week I had a couple rounds where it was really close, so it was nice to have a nice low round today.

Q. Walk me through 9; almost a birdie there. Just talk about that hole in particular. It's been a tough one pretty much all day.
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I 3-ironed into that hole. It's a beast in the wind. You're looking for par there with this condition for sure. I hit a great putt there. Just died off at the end. My speed was really good all day. I wasn't really trying to make that. Just trying to coast it up there and hopefully goes in.

I'm happy with four there for sure every day.

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