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July 12, 2018

Broc Everett

Silvis, Illinois

Q. 4-under first round as a professional. How does that feel for you?
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, it was good. Left a few opportunities out there, but early in the round I also saved a few that were not looking so good, so it was just a pretty steady day.

Yeah, just played solid for 18 holes, so it was good.

Q. Nerves out there?
BROC EVERETT: A little bit, yeah. Definitely on the beginning couple holes I was, but I was just focused on making sure I was committing to each shot.

Did a good job of that all day, so can't complain.

Q. How much did coach kind of settle you down? You know, help you be you?
BROC EVERETT: He's good. I mean, he was awesome out there. He's been out here and he's caddied for people out there, so he did a really good job of making sure that I was ready to go for each shot.

Yeah, he did an awesome job. He was instrumental for sure.

Q. Go over the bunker shot on 2 for me.
BROC EVERETT: 2? Let me think about that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, so I hit the shot right, and I knew it was better than going left for sure. I was sitting there, and knew I didn't want to be in the rough because that's where everybody walks. I was happy to be in the sand. I knew if I just landed on that tier it would roll down to the pin; fortunately went in the hole, which was a little bonus. That was nice.

Q. Bogey-free; that's always a nice feather for your cap as well.
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, sure for. It was just solid. Didn't make too many mistakes out there. Left a few opportunities on the course, but always going to do that.

Q. Not only bogey-free, but birdied your 1st hole at a PGA TOUR event. That's pretty good accomplishment.
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, one of the caddies came up and said, Welcome to the PGA TOUR. I was like, Yeah, it's pretty suite. Good start.

Q. You talked yesterday about how up in Canada you had to remember it's still just golf and it's the same game you've been playing. Was there a point out there when all the nerves the first time kind of went away and it felt like, Hey, I'm playing the game I played for years now?
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, the tee shot on 11 just doesn't sit well with me, and I was able to hit it in the fairway. Once that happened, it was just kind of like, Well, it's like another round of golf. It was back to the same old stuff that I always do.

Once I got through that tee shot it was really pretty calm from there. Still a little nerves, but not too bad.

Q. Yeah, you got a par on the 9th hole, one of the more difficult holes on the course. Can you talk about how you approach that one? A lot of guys have gone bogey on that hole, and you seem to approach it with a par.
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, it's a great hole, and I hit a really, really good tee shot. I was like 200, 210 from the flag, which is -- I feel pretty far up there.

So when you're in that good of a position, all you have to do is hit a solid iron shot. I just hit two good shots and gave myself a good look at it.

Q. And then what about 18? That's the hole that people tend to fail on today. How did you approach that one mentally?
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, I mean, you just got to pick a good target off the tee. I felt I picked a pretty good one there.

Wind going a little off the right on that one. I ended up pushing it in the rough, but I was able to just hit the center of the green, which is what you got to do on that hole. Don't try and get too cute to a left pin.

So, yeah, played it solid and out it in play.

Q. Routine now to get ready for tomorrow, your second round? What do you do now to make sure you're ready?
BROC EVERETT: Yeah, just going to go eat some lunch here, and then I will probably go out on the range and just hit a few more shots. I started hitting the ball pretty well at the end of the day. Just go hit some balls and just work on some putting. Missed a bunch. Had about four or five coach was thinking nine to fifteen footers for birdie and I only made one of them.

So just going to work on that a distance; get a little bit more comfortable. Yeah, that'll be about it. Take it easy the rest of the day.

Q. Rocking the valley orange today.
BROC EVERETT: The valley orange, absolutely.

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