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July 12, 2018

Nick Hardy

Silvis, Illinois

Q. 5-under, and I know you know what the scores are like and what you have to get to. It's a great start, but there is a lot work to be done.
NICK HARDY: Oh, yeah. Got to keep doing it. Normally about 20 wins the tournament, so you got to repeat for four rounds.

Q. What are you wearing tomorrow? Can't let you go without asking about it. What are you wearing? Have you got it picked it out?
NICK HARDY: It's definitely orange and blue, so looking forward to that. It's going to be fun.

Q. If I can just get a few more things. How comfortable are you on this golf course, and how much does that help you when you come back to a course?
NICK HARDY: Yeah, coming back to a course, any time you get a feel for it in tournament condition, it's definitely big. The experience I had last year has definitely helped me right now.

Q. Your round today, what did you birdie? What holes were good for you today?
NICK HARDY: I got off to a pretty good start. Great drive on the 1st hole. Set myself up with a little wedge shot.

I got up and down on the 1st hole for par, and that kind of set the tone for the day.

Birdied No. 2 and 4 and went bogey-free all day. Pretty solid day.

Q. Any particular club in your bag that was really good for you today?
NICK HARDY: I think the putter and the driver were good for me. I hit some great tee shots and made some really good putts. In order to win this tournament you have to keep doing that.

Q. And how do you approach day-to-day? What do you work on and what do you look forward to tomorrow?
NICK HARDY: I just look forward to another great battle tomorrow. I think every day it's a battle, and I'm just looking forward to getting some rest. I know I got a lot of time until I tee off, so just got to be smart with my practice and be ready for tomorrow.

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