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July 12, 2018

Scott Fernandez

Gullane, Scotland

Q. Tough few weeks for you having missed a couple of cuts, so how pleased are you to get off to such a good start here?
SCOTT FERNANDEZ: Yes, it's really rewarding. I had a couple weekends off to work on my game, but you just have to be patient and keep working and don't give up. Just keep grinding and make the most of your off-days. I know it's hard, but I just stayed on a positive attitude, and today was pretty good.

Q. And birdie, eagle start. That was a great start for the round, as well?
SCOTT FERNANDEZ: Yeah, definitely. I've been struggling my last few rounds, getting off to a good start, okay start. This was completely opposite, so I looked at my caddie, and he said, oh, this is a bit better.

Yeah, it's one of the best starts I've had.

Q. What part of the game has pleased you most today?
SCOTT FERNANDEZ: The ball-striking, especially with this wind. It's a little gusty. It's a little bit, not too much but I just kept the ball on a really good trajectory and gave myself some putting chances and made a couple good ones.

Q. How much do you enjoy playing this kind of links golf?
SCOTT FERNANDEZ: Yeah, it's good. It's only one time of year and I always look forward to it. I have fond memories coming up as an amateur. A lot more thinking and shots that you can have on the bag, and it's fun.

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