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July 12, 2018

Jens Dantorp

Gullane, Scotland

Q. No dropped shots, you must be very pleased with your day's work.
JENS DANTORP: Absolutely. It's a good round today. Played some really solid golf and enjoyed the course.

Q. Seems to be the better scoring is coming on the front nine. How do the two nines differ here?
JENS DANTORP: Well, you've got a couple of chances, a drivable par 4, and a good chance on the par 5, as well. That certainly helps you. So I think that's pretty much why it's so much lower.

Q. Only two par 5s on this golf course but as you said, there are par 4s that you can take good advantage of with the conditions being as they are?
JENS DANTORP: Well, if you hit your tee shots into the fairways, they are running a bit, so you have wedges. If you miss, they stop quicker, and you have way tougher shots.

I think the important thing is to keep it in the fairway so you have good chances.

Q. Obviously coming back on to The European Tour from the Challenge Tour last year, how much are you enjoy playing these big events, these big Rolex Series Events?
JENS DANTORP: It's fun to play against the better players, great golf courses and good money. So it just feels more special. I love it.

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