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July 12, 2018

Mirim Lee

Toledo, Ohio

MIRIM LEE: I hit pretty good. The putting is better, so I made good score.

Q. What are you looking for to the rest of the tournament? Maybe some things you want to improve on, or some things you think you did well today?
MIRIM LEE: I'm trying to hit straight with the driver, because my driver is a little bit of a problem, but today is much better, so, yeah.

Q. How do you kind of stay cool and calm during this entire process? What works best for you to stay mentally kind of stable?
MIRIM LEE: Just I try having fun, and then just enjoy it with my caddie. So that's it, yeah.

Q. After 18, you moved into a tie for first place. How did you feel today?
MIRIM LEE: I feel great. I hit pretty good, but I had a lot of chance, so I made good scores.

Q. What do you need to do to keep this lead or to stay in the lead and just keep good golf play?
MIRIM LEE: Maybe I try to keep it on the fairway with the driver, and then, yeah, I think that's it. The greens really good, so make lots of birdies.

Q. How did the greens feel today, and how was the overall feel of the course?
MIRIM LEE: The course was perfect. The greens a little firm, so, yeah, greens were fast, so I like it, yeah. It's good. I had a lots of chance, so I made a lot of birdies. Then a couple, I had the shot, but it's fine because I had a lot of putting, so that's good.

Q. Can you talk to us about your game plan for the week?
MIRIM LEE: Oh, maybe my drivers a little bit problem, so I'm trying to keep straight, and then keep to the fairway. Maybe the greens are really good, so I had lots of -- I made a lot of birdies, yeah.

Q. It looked like the wind picked up a little bit in the afternoon compared to the morning where it was more calm. Did you look at the leaderboard at all to see what score you needed to get?
MIRIM LEE: Yeah, I watched that, but I don't care. I just hit my score.

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