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July 12, 2018

Jennifer Kupcho

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Beautiful first round under your belt for your first LPGA event. Any nerves out there today?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, on the first tee and the first hole I was a little bit nervous, but I was able to just play with Cheyenne, just because she's a Demon Deacon, that kind of settled me down, and I was able to settle down and played really well the rest of the way.

Q. You did. I was there at NCAA's last year at 17, so I was very excited for you this year. What do you look forward to now in your senior year coming up?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think we have a really great team coming in, and I just want to get the team there with me and just go and see what we can do at nationals with our new head coach. Just a great team, yeah.

Q. You've got your dad on the bag this week. How is he as a caddie?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Oh, he's really good. We get along well. But, I mean, I'm hitting the shots, he's helping me, and we just do it all together.

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