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July 12, 2018

Laura Davies

Chicago, Illinois

Q. How was the round today?
LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, well, I didn't putt very well. I holed a couple nice putts coming in on 16 for par and then 18 for eagle, but I three-putted from four feet for birdie on one hole and then for about 15 feet -- not even, 10 feet. Was just struggling on the greens. But I think you need to know the course a little bit better because my pace was a little bit off. Tee to green, not too bad. Didn't drive it as well as I could have done, but my irons were very good into the greens.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your eagle?
LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, nice drive, 7-iron from 168, and what was it, about eight feet, nine feet, ten feet?

Q. Overall what did you do strong out there with your game?
LAURA DAVIES: I think the irons today were good, the approach shots into the greens, which I think is the key to this golf course, but then I didn't capitalize when I did hit a good one. I didn't really hole the putts. It took me right until the end to get to under par. I was never under par at any stage until I eagled the last, so it's a really nice feeling when that happens and you do have a good finish. Very pleased.

Q. How was it playing with Juli and Liselotte?
LAURA DAVIES: Oh, great, yeah. Lotter and I were talking about 1979, we played the Europeans Juniors. We played against each other. She was representing Sweden, I was obviously England, and here we are again some 30-some years later, 37 years later, and playing again.

Q. Does the style of the course kind of benefit you a little bit?
LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, you do, you stand on the tee and you think, right, you can take this place apart, but you know that's not actually going to happen because the tees are generous, but it's all about -- they let you get that, and then your second shot has to be in the right quadrant of the green because they're big, squarish greens. They seem to have four separate quadrants, which I think is great. Today I did quite well. Like I said, didn't take advantage of it. But yeah, it's a course if the wind gets up, it's going to be really tricky, but if it stays calm then maybe a few more 71s. Maybe try and get at least one round in the 60s would be good.

Q. Can you talk about the 10th hole? Some of the players are saying if you're above that hole, you can end up -- the putt back can put you in the front bunker, and apparently it's happened to a few of them already.
LAURA DAVIES: Well, don't go above the hole then.

Q. Was that one of the trickier pins out there, 10?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, I thought it was actually an easy pin to get to. I didn't. I missed it too far right. Lotter hit a great shot straight over the pin, rolled back to about five feet. She actually missed the putt. But yeah, I can see if you hit it long, you've got your hands full. Juli hit it long, and she had a great two-putt, really good two-putt to keep it on that same little level. It's not unfair, though. That's why you play practice rounds. You know if they have a pin there, which they obviously were going to, that you need to be either short of it or pin high to it.

Q. Can you take me through 18, what you had on your second shot?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, I hit a drive and I had 168, hit a 7-iron from just right half of the fairway, and pretty good shot right over the pin, had about a nine-, ten-foot putt, so that was really nice. Nice way to finish.

Q. Does this ease the pain of yesterday's World Cup loss?
LAURA DAVIES: Not really. No, not really. That was beyond disappointing, but it's sport, isn't it. I never at any stage thought we were going to lose until we lost, so that was disappointing.

Q. How fun was it playing alongside two --
LAURA DAVIES: Oh, great, two of my best friends on Tour really. I was just saying I've known Lotter for 37 years. We played junior golf together, and obviously Juli since I turned pro, she's been out here. So it's two constants in my career, and it was nice to be paired with them.

Q. JoAnne Carner shot her age today with a birdie on the last.
LAURA DAVIES: Did she? Good on her. That's a good effort. I imagine she was pretty pleased.

Q. She says she can break par on this course.
LAURA DAVIES: I think she probably can because she's wily enough to be able to see all the little nuances in the greens and hit to the right spots because that's always been her game, so yeah, I can see that.

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