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July 12, 2018

I.K. Kim

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Did you start off hot early? Give me an idea how your round went today, because you had a great finishing hole there.
I.K. KIM: Oh, thank you. I had fun playing today. This morning it was really peaceful and quiet. Not much wind out there. So I took that advantage on the front nine. Back nine, the weather was a little bit switching around, and it was a little bit tricky, but back nine I gave a lot of good chances, and I feel definitely good making the birdie on the last hole.

Q. Where were you from, that was a really nice shot to go three feet away or so executing that in your last hole. This is a tough hole to play?
I.K. KIM: Yeah, number 7 on the par-5, which was my back nine, I had the same yardage. At the time it was into the wind and this one was downwind, so I just, yeah, it was a good club.

Q. When you're able to open strong here on Thursday, is it a matter of having good memories from finishing here last year and kind of continue here this morning?
I.K. KIM: I think it's a bit of both. On that par-3 I had the exact same putt, and I kind of thought it was going to break more from last year but actually it didn't break. So I have to focus on one shot at a time, you know, make the shot more fresh. But definitely having good memories out here helps me to -- I don't know. It just feels comfortable.

Q. I.K. Kim, defending champion here at the Marathon Classic, 5-under for the first round. Tell us about your round today.
I.K. KIM: It was really exciting playing the front nine. I had a good roll, all three birdies in a row. And birdieing the last two par-5 was really fun, and on the back, I hit a lot of good shots and good putts, just the greens can be tricky, and the wind was a little bit swirling, so I think overall it was a good round.

Q. You have to be feeling pretty satisfied seeing your name at the top of the leaderboard setting yourself up to defend your title. Did today's play really match your game plan for today?
I.K. KIM: Yeah, I just wanted to go out and have fun. You know, Sei Young played so well last week, and she can shoot 10-under any day. So I had a good front nine, and there was some expectation on the back, but I just, you know, did my best. I just know that this course, you can make some birdies and if you play smart and make enough pars here and there that you can go low. So it was a fun round.

Q. The scorecard looks pretty flawless. Are you going to make any adjustments going into tomorrow's round?
I.K. KIM: I think I'm going to keep a similar -- obviously, the wind is going to change, then the plan will be a little bit different. But I think the fairway is very important here. So I've just got to give every shot equal amount of effort.

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