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July 12, 2018

Liselotte Neumann

Chicago, Illinois

Q. There's been a lot of buildup and anticipation leading up to today. How did the day compare with your expectations?
LISELOTTE NEUMANN: I mean, just being here, it's just an amazing feeling. The golf course, everything is just set up so great, and it's in perfect condition. For me to start out like I did today, 2-under, I'm super happy with that round. I mean, it's playing tough, but I'm extremely happy with the way I played.

Q. What do you think it takes people to perform well and stand out amongst the field here at Chicago Golf Club?
LISELOTTE NEUMANN: It's just -- I mean, you've got to drive the ball well on the course. It's tricky. A lot of the holes have cross-wind on it today, so a lot of left-to-right wind, so it was really hard. You kind of have to make sure you started the ball in the right place. And then of course chipping and putting, you're not going to hit -- even though the greens are pretty big, you're still not going to hit all of them. I chipped and putted really well today. The greens are tricky, and I ended up with some really long putts. So you've got to really work on your speed to have the right speed on the greens. So it's a combination of driving, putting and chipping, I think.

Q. And you're still playing in a bunch of Legends Tour events.
LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah I play some Legends. We don't have that many, but whatever we have, I play, because I just love it.

Q. How does this event, other than it being the inaugural, compare to other events that you're still playing in?
LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah, I think the U.S. Open is -- you know, you get more anxious coming here, and the nerves play a big role. I think being on this golf course, it's obviously a harder golf course than what we would normally play, so you just have to be really prepared, I think both mentally -- obviously you have to hit the ball well and all that, but also mentally you've just got to be really patient out there because you know you're going to make some mistakes, but you've just got to kind of grind it out.

Q. And then what are your plans for the rest of the day? Are you going to try to catch some of the action, hang out, rest?
LISELOTTE NEUMANN: The first thing I'll do now is probably go get a little lunch. I'm going to go out -- I didn't hit my irons that great today, so I'll probably go out and work on that and then probably just keep putting and make sure I do that well tomorrow.

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